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SMTX Forever- Fundraiser Vinyl Decal

During Memorial Weekend 2015, my hometown of San Marcos, TX was devestated after record breaking rain fall caused the Blanco River to swell more than 3 times above flood level. Hundreds of homes are destroyed and more than 1000 people have lost all of their belongings.

This decal is a symbol of unity in that I believe in infinite possibilities. SMTX forever is the idea behind its meaning. There are so many people who did not have home owners insurance or renters insurance and will be faced with the burden of replacing all of these items without assistance. They are in need of money buy things like sheetrock, flooring, nails, and other construction materials so they can start to piece back together what they called home. Renters who have now been displaced may have to find a new place to call home but they may not have the funds needed to make that transition.

This little symbol of hope and unity is a simple way for you to show others that you believe too. 100% of the proceeds will help flood victims. I will not make any profit and I am donating the materials needed to make these awesome decals. My hometown needs my help and I am ready to serve to help them create a better a tomorrow.

Help me help others!



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